1- How do you define your identity as a fashion designer?
My identity as a fashion designer is defined by my life experiences. It is cosmopolitan and
urban, but also characterized by classical elegance and at the same time by innovation. Testing
all limits without compromising the sense of style. I have an eclectic approach, and a
contemporary attitude.
2- What are your main influences/references?
Like I said before I have a very eclectic approach, with classical influences from sensual women.

That is why I use lace and silk, tight and structured silhouettes that follow the shape of the
body, and then wide geometric cuts with the use of more rigid fabrics, namely coatings, the
use of oversize pieces takes us to more casual and sporty looks with a more avant-garde
3- What’s the “subliminal message” of this collection?
The influence of power, that on one hand translates itself through a more sexy and dominate
attitude with an appeal to eroticism, latent on the tight silhouette and more feminine. On the
other hand, through a relaxed attitude but notoriously innovative latent on the oversize pieces
and the used fabrics.
4- What are the major obstacles/challenges imposed by today’s context to a young designer
in Portugal?
The biggest obstacles are the national and international economic situation, mainly the drop in
consumption, the decline of instability, and the unavoidable fact of the small dimension of the
Portuguese market. The biggest challenge will be to implement a successful and sustainable
process of internationalization that will allow having access to new markets.
5- One moment/experience that has had a dramatic effect on the growth of your career;
I think that the most important moment of my career was when I started presenting my
collections at Portugal Fashion, proving what I’m worth to clients and the press. It’s the most
important thing, because during the six months after the show things happen naturally, and I
don’t like to please “Greeks and Trojans”. When that happens something is wrong!

I chose this outfit because I think it truly tells the mood of this collection, the sporty for the
colours, the couture for the jacket cut; and finally the black latex dress, the fetish! The models’
natural, chic and simple look also contributes to an international image, polished and cared for
a luxurious look!

Photo Credits: Portugal Fashion archive

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