1- How do you define your identity as a fashion designer?
My identity is connected to romanticism, connecting feminine and elegant pieces with a sporty
classic look. I like to combine pieces, mixing up fabrics, and create contrasts and unusual
games. Growing up in Paris influenced me a lot. Hip-hop, graffiti, music…Paris is a city with a
great mix of people and cultures. Coming to Portugal, which is much more traditional and all
that cultural contrast that I had experienced reflects itself in my work. I like to combine the
modern and the classic look. Working with haute-couture fabrics in sporty pieces and viceversa.
2- What are your main influences/references?
Music, cinema, art…and my own life. My collections are always related with what’s going on in

my life. This last one reflects the music that I used to hear in the 90’s, and it was a reminder of
my youth.
3- What’s the “subliminal message” of this collection?
This is a more fun collection. I tried to create a more commercial, younger, and fresher
collection. The message is that we should feel good with clothing and it is a joyful collection
because given the current state of events we all need to cheer up a little. This collection
transmits that optimism, it makes us feel good and at the same time it is elegant and pretty.
They’re comfortable, versatile pieces we can wear when we go to work or to go out.
4- What are the major obstacles/challenges imposed by today’s context to a young designer
in Portugal?
First it’s the money because a collection is very expensive. That’s the factor that limits us the
most, including creatively. Many doors are close for us, fashion designer. The suppliers are
afraid to support us because they know that we won’t bring a lot of sales and that they can´t
count with big productions from us. They push us a little bit aside. It´s easier for me to make
partnerships with textile companies because of the support of the factory where I work.

partnerships with textile companies because of the support of the factory where I work.
Without the Portuguese industry we can’t move forward. There must exist more partnerships
with factories, manufacturers and fabrics like we have with APPICAPS for the shoes. The more
we use our fabrics, the better it becomes for the Portuguese economy. It is currently very
difficult to establish these kind of partnerships.
5- One moment/experience that has had a dramatic effect on the growth of your career;
It all started with the debut at Portugal Fashion. I started in “Jovens Criadores” (young
designers), presenting my work for several years in the “Colectivo” (collective), went on to
doing double fashion shows, and later going solo. I was able to participate in this event
because of a contest of “Progama Aliança” (Alliance Program), in which I got the 4th place. In
this contest, whoever won prizes, besides getting an entry in Portugal Fashion, we had the
support of a factory and financial aid for developing an entire collection. From there I started
to grow in the business.

This dress represents the entire collection because it´s romantic and feminine but at the same
time, casual, fresh and young.
Credits: Photo by Portugal Fashion archive

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