Portuguese Fashion: The New Generation

New generation, power of talent.
Present and future.
Freedom, perspective, new approaches to fabrics and concepts.
Reinvented paradigms in a social and cultural ever changing context.
Who are we? Where are we? Where we to go?
Reflection of the new look of a word in mutation, they are the dream, the way, the emerging
Young designers are the Portuguese Fashion under construction.
In the story of Elisabeth Teixeira working experience, we found respected names as Luis
Buchinho, Maria Gambina and Nuno Baltazar.
After several collaborations with the textile industry , Elisabeth creates her own brand, witch
became part of Portugal Fashion line up since 2004.
Delicacy, some kind of unassuming elegance and romanticism joins the streetwear influences

from Paris, where she was born. These are the guidelines of her creative identity.
With his own brand since 2006, takes his “first steps” in Spain, winning the Barcelona Fashion
Week Prize 2008 as the best emergent talent.
Since 2010 Ricardo Andrez presents his collections every season at ModaLisboa, and he has
been showcasing at the 50th anniversary of Cibelle Fashion Week, Madrid.
The “never ending search for the original and the new” are reflected not only in his work as a
designer but also in projects he´s working into, like the well-known contest Acrobatic – New
Talents or in his participation in a line for the footwear brand Eureka.
It was also in Spain (Seville) that Diogo Miranda had his firsts working experience, with
designer Miguel Reyer

After some projects in industry, he starts to showcase at Portugal Fashion since 2008, opening
his own atelier in the following year.
Urban, cosmopolitan and exuberant, with a classical aesthetic of elegance and sophistication
starting point, to develop contemporary and powerful lines.
Vitor was born in São Paulo, Brazil and came to Portugal in 2004, starting his journey as a
fashion designer at Citex fashion school. In 2007 he creates his first brand “O Filho Bastardo”
(The Bastard Son), matures with Lidija Kolovrat and wins the prize Acrobatic: for the best male
We can find him at ModaLisboa Lab platform since 2009.

Vitor has also been present as guest designer in Berlin and Fashion Philosophy – Poland Fashion
Playfulness, lightness and conceptuality are the elements we can find in V!tors brand, now in
partnership with Luisa Cativo.
1 -How do you define your identity as a fashion designer?
2- What are your main influences/references?
3- What’s the “subliminal message” of this collection?
4- What are the major obstacles/challenges imposed by today’s context to a young designer in
5- One moment/experience that has had a dramatic effect on the growth of your career:

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