Portuguese footwear

From 16th to 20th October, the Portuguese footwear has been part of one of the most important events of the Portuguese fashion scene.

Cohibas, Fly London, Golmud, No Brand, Sílvia Rebatto and Luís Onofre proved at the Portugal Fashion catwalk that the Portuguese shoes are definitely “in vogue”.

Objects of desire that combine quality and excellence with a unique, original and innovative design.

For five days, 36 fashion shows presented their proposals for Spring/Summer 2013 season, including ten reputable fashion designers, sixteen new designers, four fashion schools, seven brands of the textile industry and six footwear brands.

Once again, the first day of the fashion week began in Lisbon.

The Museum of Design and Fashion (MUDE) was the place where it took place the BLOOM platform of young designers, such as Susana Bettencourt, Hugo Costa, Estelita Mendonça, Andreia Lexim, Diana Matias and Daniela Barros.

Then, the event returned to Oporto for the next four days of colour and criativity in the wonderful Alfandega building.

Along the immense corridor that stretches between the building entrance and the fashion shows room, the press and guests were able to admire the Portuguese Soul exhibition by APICCAPS.

Twenty photos from several fashion editorials by Frederico Martins selected by Paulo Gonçalves were on display during the event.


Storytailors opened the Oporto’s runway with “Star of Gold” collection.

Based on the adaptation of a traditional tale of Beira Baixa, João Branco and Luis Sanchez dressed the main character, recreating indoor atmosphere, deconstructing feelings and sending a message of individual affirmation in a story told through the fabrics, silhouettes and their unique modeling.

Anabela Baldaque suggested light, fresh and colorful dresses; Luis Buchinho was inspired by interior design and architectural lines to develop his sophisticated and minimalistic “resort” colection, in structured lines and the contrast between neutral and light colors.

Julio Torcato was inspired by the classical elegance of London streets for a men’s collection in which predominates different shades of green, combined with white, grey and navy colors.

In partnership with Fly London, Elisabeth Teixeira presented the “100 miles and runnin” collection. Romantic streetwear: the unlikely combination of concepts and materials resulting in a young, fresh and soft collection.

Miguel Vieira took us on a journey through exotic destinations and paradisiacal landscapes. Luxury and elegance in bright colors. Birds, tropical flowers, lagoons, and white sand painted a palette of green, blue, orange, pink, yellow, gold and turquoise.

Somewhere between the real, the surreal and the unexpected, it cames the “Double Vision” collection by Katty Xiomara. The parallel world. Volume and lightness in earth shades of blue, green and neutrals.

Deconstructed shapes and functional dualities.

Manuel Alves and José Manuel Gonçalves presented straight and simplified silhouettes. A collection inspired by graphic games, fluidity and structure, where the black and white dichotomy were explored trough several types of silks, technological fabric and cotton.

Diogo Miranda designed structured silhouettes and tight body shapes for his “Sporty-Couture-Fetiche” collection. Large cuts and geometry makes the sporty look and comfortable. Vinyl, metal and mixed fabrics in a conceptual deconstruction of elegance and glamor.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the creative director of Lacoste, explored the movements of hip hop and graffiti in “Masters of Ceremony”. The result was a spontaneous and joyful collection in strong colors and asymmetrical shapes.

The “ethnic/ zen” collection of TM Collection cames with “Roots” in silk, cotton, jersey in shades of Black, blue, ocher, grey and denim, printed and embroidered.

The American designer Michael Bastian (creative director of Gant) debuted in the European catwalks at the Portugal Fashion Week, becoming one of the highlights of the event with a men’s collection inspired by the American painter Helen Frankenthaler, a pool in Fire Island and the 80`s GQ magazine.

“Clothes that we will wear in a perfect day” was the result of his last work.

Elegance, multiculturalism, lace and printed silk were presented in “Paris/ Bangkok” collection by Carlos Gil.

Among the seven brands of the textile industry, the highlights go to Vicri, Meam by Ricardo Preto and Lion of Porches, moments before Fátima Lopes “Luxuriant Paradise” .

The fashion designer closed the 31th edition of Portugal Fashion with the collection that has been recently presented in Paris Fashion Week as well.

With positivism and intimacy, she took us to her childhood trough the structured lines, architectural and futuristic elements of her unique creative signature.

Femininity, originality, an almost casual and deconstructed elegance, in contrast with a classic sophistication more colorful than usual, and the mix of concepts and fabrics were the general trend among the collections presented here.

The neutrals are combined with bright colors, like a call to the joy of living and optimism that we need to know, and more than ever to assume.

Fashion itself becomes attitude.

And attitude wears an outfit of affirmation in this ever changing world.

Let creativity be the motor to fight obstacles and challenges.

Let fashion be the mirror for our identity to prevail.




Inês Soares






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