VITOR (and Luisa Cativo)

1- How do you define your identity as a fashion designer?
Vitor Bastos: The new VICTOR was born in the latest edition of ModaLisboa. He carries the
influences of his past and very strong formal features, always working the jersey and the
handmade pieces. In regards to the brands identity, playfulness and honest crude lightness
stand out, producing connected pieces, ideal for any style.
Luisa Cativo: I always thought that VICTOR as a brand has a very strong artistic influence,
genuine and personal, and that´s something I admire because I think that requires a total
commitment to the work being developed. To be a part of the brand ends up making it less
introspective but at the same time transforming it into something bigger is a wonderful
2- What are your main influences/references?
VB: We work with several areas simultaneously. All of our partners influence us and the fact
that we have the honour and the pleasure of working with those minds is great. For example,

besides the arrival of Luisa Cativo starting with this collection, we still collaborate with names
such as Carla Raimundo, Ivo Teixeira and Nelson Vieira.
LC: I think we are permeable to several influences: other creative people from different areas,
influencing each other, all of the wonders the internet provides us with, our own personal
3- What’s the “subliminal message” of this collection?
VB: Freedom! Without any kind of obstacle. We are what we want to be!
LC: I think that an appeal to creativity and a positive and proactive attitude in light of the ever
less inviting scenario that we face as a society is implied also.
4- What are the major obstacles/challenges imposed by today’s context to a young designer
in Portugal?
VB: I am many times confronted with this question. I think the environment makes the artist.
The conditions in our business are much more favourable than what I saw abroad, on one hand
and on the other much more difficult. While we are surrounded with lots of people and
capable companies, pushing things forward and with an open mind in regards to small scale
projects. We also find historical barriers where Portugal isn’t seen as a the design potential that
it is. This is one example.
5- One moment/experience that has had a dramatic effect on the growth of your career:
VB: Definitely what we are going through now! More people, more minds and more strength!
LC: I’m only beginning!

My favourite piece of the new collection is the ponies T-Shirt (on the left-hand picture, worn by
Dariia) the brainstorming originated this piece, later it self developed the whole collection.
Picture Credits: Photography Jean Luc Dupont; Post production Luisa Cativo; Models Dariia
Karacter Models, Carlos Ferrra L’Agence, Gabriela Vilarinho Karacter Models.

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